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A residential roof mounted array with energy storage...


Bear in mind that a solar system without energy storage must be shut down to prevent back feeding the utility lines when the linesmen are working to restore them. A StorEdge equipped solar system will instantly disconnect from the grid and switch your essentlal loads over to the battery, your solar array stays live and continues to produce power for you.

 Do you want to have the best benefits of being both grid connected and reasonably independent, well here 'tiz. The Solaredge Storedge inverter will allow you to use the combination of grid power and solar power to your maximum advantage.

The self consumption mode allows you to store your excess power generated during the day and consume it directly in your home in the evening, thus avoiding the 25% net metering penalty. A StorEdge inverter will save you a little in expense each and everyday and still automatically switch to solar & battery power if the grid goes down. Your solar array will stay live and should give you enough power during the day to run your home's essential loads (water, heating circulators, refrigeration, a few lights, and internet) and recharge your battery. During the evening your home's essential functions will be powered by the energy stored in the battery.

 If you know rough weather is coming you can override the self consumption stteing and place the StorEdge in the storage only mode. The solar array will maintain the battery at it's maximum charge and only drawn upon it during an actual power outage. When the grid goes down your battery will be ready and waiting at full charge. Normally you would only use this setting when bad weather is forecast, or for extra security when leaving your home for an extended amount of time,  True security for your home even when you are not there!