URGENT special note. The legislated public utility net metering rate will drop on September 1st from the current 1 for 1 basis to a credit of roughly 75 cents on the dollar. This will raise the long term cost of a pv solar system considerably.

If you act now you can still get contracted and lock into the current dollar for dollar rate and be grandfathered until 2040. If you are an Eversource, Unitil or Liberty customer don't get caught on the wrong side of the fence...

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PS, Did you pick up on the many grammar and flow errors in some of the sentences above?  Well, you're right! but it is a "google" world and some of those deliberate errors are likely the very reason that you are here and reading this note  ;-)  


Tired of paying an expensive utility bill month after month?

  • Solar PhotoVoltaic Design, Installation & Service
  • Grid tied or totally off grid system designs
  • ​Residential and Commercial
  • Roof mounted, fixed ground mounted & tilting pole arrays
  • Super powerful dual axis solar tracking arrays​
  • Hybrid Solar Backup Power ​after the storm
  • Renewable Energy Storage Batteries
  • ​NHEC solutions specialists
  • NEW!  Bifacial Solar Panels
  • NEW!  Solar PV roofed sunrooms and greenhouses


New Hampshire Solar has the lowest cost of any Granite State solar installer!

​​​​The cost to purchase your very own pv solar panel array has never been lower.

           New Hampshire SolaR


Done quickly, correctly, and at the lowest possible cost for you

 Our overhead is kept as low as possible and this translates directly into big savings for you!

 We generally will present you with multiple quotes that could be used for your installation, not just the one we think is best. Each option will have it's own special merits and you choose the one that best fits your budget and needs.

 The crew has done hundreds of installations together and this experience translates into efficiency ...plus we really enjoy our work :-)     Rest assured though, each installation is done professionally and perfectly by our foreman Vlad (an electrical engineer) and his team of certified electricians.

 For roughly the same investment that you will make paying 5-6 years of utility bill expense, you can buy the asset of your own solar  power system that will give you free electricity for the next forty years!   NH Solar can assist you with no money down financing plans that make purchasing your own solar system easy.  Best of all, the monthly payments will usually be less than you are currently paying for your utility bill.   Why "rent" your electricity when for the same money you can own it!

​​ The goal while creating this website was not to hard sell you, but rather to provide you with a detailed educational resource to learn about the exciting field of solar electricity.  Our belief is that once you understand the many advantages and relatively low cost of installing photovoltaic solar energy, you will sell yourself on the merits of ownership. Please contact us at any time, your questions and comments are appreciated, and we look forward to installing a solar system for you!

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  Are the type of person that really likes to know about a subject in depth?  Then just dive right into each page in sequence to learn about all of the technical aspects regarding solar power.

 Don't time or desire to learn about the tiny details but still want to get the general idea?  Skip forward to the faqs  or cost pages for answers in a nutshell.  Alternately you can look for the bold highlighted sentences on each page and string them together to get an overview of the page's topic.   

 Or perhaps you'd really rather learn about your solar possibilities and cost through a conversation?

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​​​​​​​​​​ Welcome to the website for New Hampshire Solar.  We are a Granite State solar energy installation company with one common passion, harvesting the free abundant energy of the sun by designing and installing premier photovoltaic solar power systems for folks just like you.